Storage Shelves that Changed the Way We Do Business

Storage Shelves that Changed the Way We Do Business

I just came to work at a clinic with three doctors and a cadre of staff, including nurses, medical assistants and billing specialists, as well as the physicians. The first thing I noticed is that, although it is a large office with several patient rooms, and spacious lobby and reception areas, it felt unbelievably claustrophobic. There were boxes of supplies in every spare corner, shelving in supply closets that bordered being a death trap and everywhere, people bumping into each other and the stuff lying around in open chaos.

I am a very neat person by nature, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay here if I didn’t do something to fix the situation. Not sure how to broach the subject, I gingerly suggested to the office manager that maybe I could look into a better solution. She got really quiet for a moment and then hugged me hard.

A representative was available on Aurora Storage‘s website. She was able to make several great suggestions for cost-effective shelving for patient files, mobile supply carts and office supplies. It took a while to make all the arrangements and get everything installed, but what a difference. This office feels twice as big. People don’t trip over boxes left sitting in corners or bump into each other to avoid tripping over things. A few patients have even noticed the difference and seemed to appreciate a clear and clutter free space in which to interact with the staff and physicians.

Looking back, I am so grateful to Aurora Storage for their solution-oriented staff and great products for busy businesses like ours. Some of the ideas they came up with, I would never have come up with in a million years. All the hand carts for the patient rooms are on rollers to make it easy to move from room to room or to position advantageously during a consultation. Although I am new, I got a lot of kudos for coming up with the solution, but we all work more efficiently in our new organized spaces. You no longer have to gently put supplies on dilapidated shelving in the supply room and people are even nicer to each other now that we don’t feel so closed in. What a fabulous turnaround. I think I will be here for a long time to come.

Aurora Storage has storage solution for every business imagineable, even museums reliable on their expertise. I would recommend them to any business in a similar situation.

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